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Keep Evansville Beautiful works to actively involve tri-state residents and businesses in in working together to tangibly create a more beautiful, welcoming, sustainable community. Flowers in parks. Litter off the ground. Leaves out of gutters.Trees along highways. Expanded recycling participation, civics and citizenship educationGateway developmentgreenscapedevelopmentand maintenance, neighborhood advocacy, litter abatement and the Great American Cleanuprecycling awareness and America Recycles Day, government advocacy. Recently KEB has added a private alignment for a private/public park management. All are examples of the agency’s work.


This work improves and strengthens economic development opportunities, but is also essential improving and sustaining a healthy, good quality of life for all residents. Two sides of the same coin.

Where is Keep Evansville Beautiful located?

209 Main Street, downtown, Evansville, Indiana…. And via the internet, KEB is located in every office, home, school and computer throughout the entire tri-state!

What is the Keep Evansville Beautiful Agency Endowment and whom does it serve?

The Keep Evansville Beautiful Agency Endowment exists to further the work of KEB in creating clean, green and inviting spaces to the benefit of all. The Endowment serves the residents, employees and visitors in Vanderburgh County.

How does the Endowment function?

Principal funds placed in the Keep Evansville Beautiful Agency Endowment will be kept there perpetually, with only a portion of earned income being disbursed annually. Undesignated funds, including contributions with initial value of $9,999 or less, will be used for any purpose benefiting the work and mission of KEB.

Income from funds with a principal of $10,000 or more may be designated; if so they can only be used for the intent as stated in the designated fund account.

To see a complete spending policy of the KEB Agency Endowment, please see www.keepevansvillebeautiful.org/endowment or call (812) 425-4461.

Who manages Keep Evansville Beautiful Endowment Funds?

The Vanderburgh Community Foundation, located 18 NW Fourth Street, Suite 306, Evansville, Indiana 47708 or by calling 812 422-1245. An investment committee manages the funds. The committee comprises experts in the field of financial planning and investment management.

What qualifies as an endowed gift? How much do I need to give?

A gift of any value or amount can be but to excellent use by the Keep Evansville Beautiful Endowment to assure a clean, green and beautiful community. To open a designated or named endowment, the donor or donors must have $10,000 for the principal.

Can I donate my car, my farm, my home, a diamond ring?

Yes. A gift of personal property is an excellent way to make an endowed gift. It can offer possible tax savings, too.

What are some of the ways I can contribute?

Donors may make gifts to the Endowment using an annuity, bequest, donor advised fund, estate planning, insurance, outright gift (cash, IRA, stocks, bonds), life income trust, securities, trusts, unitrust, will, personal property such as cash, stocks, bonds, notes, paintings, furniture, jewelry and other similar property.

Who keeps track of the investments and donations?

Keep Evansville Beautiful, working in partnership with the Vanderburgh Community Foundation, monitors all income and disbursals, pledges and planned gifts that benefit the Keep Evansville Beautiful Endowment. Reporting will be made in the KEB annual report.

Is Keep Evansville Beautiful a government agency?

No. Keep Evansville Beautiful is a privately funded, independent, not-for-profit agency. While Keep Evansville Beautiful engages voluntarily in dozens of public works projects, the agency is not affiliated or funded by local, state or federal government.

Does Keep Evansville Beautiful receive government funding?

No. Keep Evansville Beautiful is a privately funded, independent, not-for-profit agency. While Keep Evansville Beautiful engages voluntarity in dozens of public works projects, the agency is not affiliated or funded by local, state or federal government.

How does Keep Evansville Beautiful raise money?

Annually, a dollar at a time. Keep Evansville Beautiful’s staff and board lead an annual fund drive, stage several fund raising events and make countless calls, personal visits and presentations to raise the operating and program budget. While long-term alignments are needed, not many have been found. The community generously supports our work, but securing that support is time-consuming.

What is Keep Evansville Beautiful’s annual budget?

$479,000 cash budget. Annually, Keep Evansville Beautiful also attracts and secures delivery of more than $250,000 in in-kind donated services, materials and volunteer labor for civic improvements.

Does Keep Evansville Beautiful work outside of the city of Evansville or Vanderburgh County?

Yes. KEB offers tri-state access to advice, research and more via this website and is available for public speaking and leadership engagements throughout the Tri-State. KEB includes Warrick County Schools in all of its education programs and is working to offer such programming to Gibson and Posey counties. The Evansville Business Journal (EBJ) co-sponsored Greenovation: Beautiful and Sustainable Business Awards are open to the entire tri-state.