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Published on January 13, 2015, by in Education.

Happy Birthday EVIE!!


Happy 8th Birthday, EVIE Sue! EVIE is our litter retrieving mascot here at KEB. Her name stands for “Every Volunteer Is Essential”, and if you haven’t heard about EVIE, she’s a pretty special dog. She goes to schools and daycares to teach kids about picking up trash, recycling, and being “green” all around. A national KAB award winner, EVIE has reached more than 54,000 kids in the tristate area!

In honor of EVIE and all of her accomplishments, we celebrate her birthday every year. Her owner, Susan Harp, suggested that this year we come to Dexter and celebrate with the after school kids. EVIE showed all the children how she retrieves litter, resulting in an explosion of applause and excitement. Next, it was time to reward EVIE for all her hard work by letting her open presents. She had a great time tearing through the tissue paper and finding the treats that Keep Evansville Beautiful had brought for her. Afterwards the kids ate ice cream, took photos, and played games until their parents came to pick them up. Overall it was a great birthday party and I think EVIE was ‘paws-itively’ thrilled with the outcome!