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Clean Evansville


The “Clean Evansville” initiative is also a part of our Great American Cleanup program. By partnering with the Mayor and city officials for litter cleanups, we are able to involve more volunteers and make Evansville a safer, more beautiful place to live.

Join us! The first Saturday of each month (except July and Sept) we have a clean up event. Each month’s cleanup is at a different location.  See upcoming dates below and be sure to contact us if you are interested in participating! 



April 6th      9AM      AIS/Diamond Ave area

May 4th       9AM      Willard Library area

June 1st      8AM      Civic Center Parking Lot area

July 13th     8AM      Tepe Park area

Aug 3rd       8AM      Wesselman Park area

Sept 14th    9AM      St Joseph-Lloyd Expressway area

Oct 5th        9AM      Cedar Hall School area

Nov 2nd      9AM       Morgan/Green River Road area

Dec 7th       9AM      Washington Square Mall area