EVIE's sister Vandy Lee joined the team five years ago, and now is the KEB mascot who shares EVIE's passion of retrieving litter. Her human mom wrote a book for her too called EVIE Goes Clean and Green!

Meet our Mascot: VANDY LEE


In 2016 EVIE became a big sister and mentor to VANDY LEE who started working beside EVIE. VANDY LEE is also from Canada. Her registered name is Asklar’s Recycling Queen. VANDY stands for Vanderburgh County and Volunteers Are Needed Donate Yourself. The LEE means Love Earth Every Day. VANDY LEE is also a mascot for Keep Evansville Beautiful. She knows how to work the crowds and her enthusiasm to pick up litter delights everyone. In her five years, she has been making a difference in her community and beyond.

VANDY LEE lives at Labrador Lane. She loves to run around the three acres which is a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. She loves visiting with friends on: Facebook ( or you can tweet with VANDY via (EVIE @Lablady13). You can also visit with VANDY LEE via her webpage: .

Take the EVIE Pledge!

“Pawsitive” steps that will make a difference:
• Carry a litter bag in your car.
• Pick up litter when you see it.
• Use a cloth shopping bag.
• Reuse things instead of buying new.
• Reduce your waste and carbon footprint.
• Recycle everything you can.
• Conserve energy and water.
• Plant flowers and trees.
• Volunteer for cleanups.
• Share EVIE’s messages with your friends. Live and think “green”.

Get Started Today!