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EVIE-for-WebsiteWe sure have been busy lately with EVIE visits! For those of you who don’t know EVIE, she is our litter-retrieving-yellow-lab. She loves to go to schools and teach kids not to litter and to take pride in their community. Kids have a great time listening to her story, watching her video, singing along to her song, and then watching the dog run around and retrieve hidden litter! This is a great experience for all, and we believe the best way to keep a clean Evansville is to educate them about litter while they are young. Want to schedule an EVIE visit of your own? Contact us today!

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Hey KEB followers! We have a great way for you to Go Green in 2015: Opt-out of receiving the yellow pages at your home or business!

Did you know that each year 5 million trees are cut down to make phone books? And then 165,000 TONS of phone books end up in the landfill each year! And lets face it, when was the last time you used a phone book?

A new study found the majority of American adults:

– don’t use the phone book
– don’t recycle it
– don’t want it automatically delivered; and
– prefer to go online to find contact information

Lets opt-out of waste and opt-in for a more sustainable, beautiful world.

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The “Gateway Monument” wall is now officially a national award winner! At the Keep America Beautiful conference in January 2015, KEB was awarded a second place beautification trophy for the work completed at the wall.

Work on the wall has been ongoing since the groundbreaking ceremony in October 2013. First, the wall was built and “Welcome to Evansville” was inscribed on the side. In December 2013, thirteen native trees were planted as a “grove” to create a small native tree canopy and increase the aesthetic appeal of the area. In 2014 Bob Zasadny won the sculpture design contest with his design titled”Aerial Beauty”. In September 2014, KEB staff and local volunteers landscaped the wall with native plants. Mike McGarrah, Program Coordinator at KEB and Master Gardener, believes “the need to create a first and lasting positive impression of our community is satisfied through the use of these native trees and other plants in a planned, structured, and aesthetically pleasing landscape”. Now that the landscaping is complete, the next step in the process is the installation of the sculpture. The sculpture is currently being made and will be ready for dedication in 2015.

The award was received last week at the Keep America Beautiful conference in Washington, DC. KEB was nominated for this award for their efforts to beautify a once unsightly corridor to our city. Executive Director, Julie Welch said “By implementing a large welcome wall and sculpture, our goal is to create a ‘sense of place’ for tourist and entrepreneurs coming into Evansville via airport. We share this award with the many sponsors and volunteers who have enabled us to work on this important project for our city.” Staying true to our roots, Keep Evansville beautiful has once again turned a public place into a beautiful space.

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KEB is excited to announce the winner of the sculpture chosen to top the Evansville Airport Gateway Welcome Monument. Bob Zasadny’s Aerial Beauty was chosen by the Evansville Airport Authority District Board of Directors and Keep Evansville Beautiful Board of Directors.  This sculpture is currently being created and we look forward to installing it at the Airport this spring!