Our Mission:

Keep Evansville Beautiful is a catalyst for citizen action creating a beautiful, inviting, healthy outdoor environment to assure an improved quality of life and enhanced economic growth for the greater Evansville area.

  • Litter abatement: At KEB we are passionate about reducing litter in our city. We believe one of the easiest way to make a place more beautiful is to clean it up! With this mentality, we have monthly clean ups at different locations around town. Come out and volunteer with us to make your city a safer and more beautiful play to work and play.
  • Recycling: As environmental stewards, we know the importance of recycling here at KEB. Energy savings, waste reduction, and preserving raw resources are just a few of the positive impacts of recycling. Not only does our KEB staff recycle, but we provide recycling programs and materials for other businesses or organizations. If you are in need of recycling bins or information, please contact us!
  • Education: Keep Evansville Beautiful’s educational programs inspire and encourage students and citizens to make a positive difference in their environment. K.E.B provides hands on opportunities for education through tree planting and workshops, litter abatement and recycling programs, and classroom enrichment projects. One of our most influential educational programs is “Retrieving with EVIE“, check it out and schedule a visit today!
  • Beautification: Our Greenscapes program not only makes Evansville a more beautiful place to live, but also creates a stronger, more cohesive community with real tangible benefits to work and play.  We work with residents, neighborhood associations, business owners, schools and others to dramatically improve our communities’ environment and aesthetics. Check out our most recent projects, beautifying the Gateways of Evansville.


Upcoming Events:

Cans for Cash- September 21st- November 15th
Annual Awards Breakfast – October 14th
Midtown Neighborhood Cleanup – October 24th
Washington/Lincoln Cleanup – November 7th
America Recycles Day – November 15th
EVIE’s Birthday – January 12th
Path to Beauty Gala – April 23rd