Join us on April 1st to make a big difference in your community! KEB will partner up with Mayor Winnecke, the City of Evansville and the Parks Department for the first time to complete a city wide cleanup called:

With so many changes and divides in our nation, we decided to bring people together as ONE community to take pride in where we live, where we learn, where we worship, and where we work. However, we can’t do it alone! Sign up today by clicking here. All participants receive bags, gloves, and a FREE t-shirt!

Since 1972, KEB has helped its community clean up over 147,000 pounds of trash off the street, taught over 50,000 children not to litter, and recycled over 4,395 pounds of trash. All of which, has been supported by generous individual donations. We accomplish these goals and initiatives by engaging our neighborhoods through our diverse programming to create beautiful and public places and continuing to Keep Evansville Beautiful.