Littering is a habit and prevention starts with you.

If you litter, you need to take responsibility and change your habit. Recognize if you do or do not litter, you can influence those around you.  Your circle of influence will grow – from your friends, family, to your school and the community.  Start with these simple steps:

  • Choose not to litter.
  • Become familiar with the litter laws in Indiana and the consequences of littering.
  • If you see your friends and family litter, educate them on the laws and adverse effects of litter.
  • Get a litter bag for your car.
  • Volunteer at litter cleanups, litter free events or litter education.
  • If you’re a smoker, carry a pocket ashtray.
  • If you see someone litter from a car, report it.
  • If you own a pet, put the waste in trash receptacles.
  • Ensure garbage bags are tied along the curbside for pickup.

Great American Litter Clean-Up Program

The “Clean Evansville” initiative is also a part of our Great American Cleanup program. By partnering with the Mayor and city officials for litter cleanups, we are able to involve more volunteers and make Evansville a safer, more beautiful place to live.

Join us! The first Saturday of each month (except July and Sept) we have a clean up event. Each month’s cleanup is at a different location. See upcoming dates below and be sure to contact us if you are interested in participating!

Keep It Clean, Evansville

Litter abatement and prevention is one of three core values of Keep Evansville Beautiful. Litter is not only unsightly, but is costly also. Please click here to learn how much litter is truly costing your city.

Clean Evansville / Great American Cleanup

The Clean Evansville anti-litter campaign is a joint effort by the City of Evansville, Keep Evansville Beautiful, and volunteer members. The goal is to involve the entire community in picking up trash, as well as targeting specific areas for clean-up on a monthly basis.

Participate in a Clean Evansville event during the first Saturday of each month, or stage a small cleanup on your own. It’s time for a Clean Evansville!

Thank you for your continued support of keeping our community litter free!

Trash Boxes

KEB also supplies trash boxes for businesses, events, and more! Boxes are $3 a piece and can be picked up from our office


Feb 1st9AMMill Road First Avenue
March 7th9AMVann/Pollack Park
April 4th 9AMTepe Park Area
May 2nd9AMGarvin Park Area
June 6th8AMLodge School Area
July 11th8AMCivic Center Parking Lot
Aug 18AMWesselman Park area
Sept 12th9AMDelaware School area
Oct 3rd9AMCedar Hall School area
Nov 7th9AMEastland Mall area
Dec 5th9AMDiamond/Stringtown

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