A cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for landscaping.


Keep Evansville Beautiful Greenscape Program not only makes Evansville a more beautiful place to live, but also creates a stronger, more cohesive community with real tangible benefits.   We work with residents, neighborhood associations, business owners, schools, and others to dramatically improve our communities’ environment and aesthetics.

Clean, well maintained communities discourage littering, illegal dumping, and crime as well as contribute to the overall health of our environment.  We strive to connect people to their environment and city, creating vibrant places rooted in community and building lasting value by working together.  Beautiful public spaces transcend aesthetic appeal to positively impact the lives of area residents, visitors, businesses and institutions.

“I just love volunteering for Keep Evansville Beautiful! It is a wonderful organization that makes a huge difference in the appearance of our City.”

Carol Pettys


Past beautification landscaping projects completed with the assistance of Keep Evansville Beautiful.

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